New 4K Streaming TV Box from Amazon?

Amazon Fire TV

You may have seen Apple’s announcement last week that it is going to change “the future of television” with its new Apple TV box? Whilst the emphasis on the use of apps to deliver multiple streaming services and an improved control system based on “Siri” voice control are improvements over the current version; the obvious missing feature was support for 4K Ultra HD (UHD) resolution—so it may not be the future for long. It’s amazing how quickly UHD TV sets are becoming the new standard, rapidly replacing HD (1080p) which was revolutionary only a few years ago. Lack of support for 4K by Apple might be a big oversight, especially if the rumours from their biggest competitor are true…

It looks like Amazon are planning to launch a new version of their ‘Fire TV box’ with support for 4K. There’s nothing official as yet, clues have been found in Amazon’s submissions to the FCC for approval of a new product. Already Amazon are offering some of the programmes on their ‘Amazon Prime Instant Video’ streaming service in 4K which a few Smart TVs can access from their built-in apps. This new box could allow most 4K TVs to access Amazon’s Ultra HD content (if you have a fast enough internet connection). The current Fire TV is listed as “Currently unavailable” on their UK website, which could be a good indication that a replacement product is on the way.

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on 14 Sep 2015