4K Ultra HD content on its way

BT Sport 4K Ultra HD

Here at Cyberhomes we’ve been fortunate to have experience with 4K resolution TVs for quite a while now. These next-generation televisions have 4x the picture detail of current HD TV. We’ve even installed them on quite a few of our recent projects.

Until now though, other than a few demo clips, there’s been very little 4K content available to really show off what these TVs are capable of. But that’s all about to change.

There’s been rumours of a new Sky box that will be 4K capable arriving before the end of the year; but BT have beaten them to it by formally announcing their new BT Sport Ultra HD channel. Content is king; and it this, along with the NetFilx 4K streaming service that’s already available if you have a fast enough internet connection, should start to see 4K television become more mainstream. BT will be offering a new YouView+ set top box (STB) manufactured by Humax which will be required to receive the new channel. You’ll also, at least initially, need to have a BT Infinity internet connection, so check to see if it’s available in your area yet as the new channel is due to launch on August 2nd with the Charity Shield contest between Arsenal and Chelsea.



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on 11 Jun 2015