Almost 70% of under 45s desire a Home Cinema when looking to buy a home

A recent survey by SellingUp/Populus has shown that just under 70% of home buyers aged under 45 think that a home cinema in a property makes that home more desirable to buy:

Media room pushes right buttons

Survey of home cinema desirability

The presence of a home cinema/media room increased the star quality of a property for just over half (51%) of people, while turning off 13%. The survey suggests that there is a generation gap, with the age group most positive about a home cinema being the 35 – 44 year olds (69%). Perhaps this age group are the ‘settled downs’ who have left their pubbing and clubbing days behind and are quite happy to put their kids to bed and relax in front of a box set with a bottle of wine.

The youngest group polled, 18 – 24s, were also very positive (68%) but in contrast, by the age of 65+ only 21% wanted a home cinema/media room—perhaps fearing the technology or maybe preferring to socialise outdoors.

CCTV and alarms could secure sale

More than two-thirds (68%) of respondents said a high spec CCTV and alarm system would make a property more appealing to buy, with just 3% against, making it the third most sought-after feature in the survey.

Despite the image of the security conscious older person, it is actually the younger generations who appear take home security most seriously, with 72% of 18 – 24s versus 63% of pensioners selecting ‘more desirable’.

It is possible, however, that the older generations were slightly put off by the prospect of dealing with a high-tech system, perhaps preferring more low tech measures like window bars.

There was barely any difference between men and women in terms of preference for this feature, with both strongly in favour.


You can see the full survey at:

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on 21 Nov 2016