Android For Cars, TVs and Watches: Google I/O

Android auto

Google is THE digital giant. The website has the most visitation throughout the whole internet, its mobile operating system has the most users and has the fastest-growing market share and their ever-expanding portfolio of hardware is becoming more and more popular.

At the 2014 Google I/O event in San Francisco Google have stepped up their lifestyle-technology game and by expanding the range of hardware from which their Android OS functions.

Using hardware that didn’t belong to Google (notably LG, Samsung, Motorola and Honda), they showcased brand new technology using the new Android OS update; Android Lollipop. Lollipop is the first major update to Android software since 2013 and will include more privacy tools and further hardware integration.

Branching further into the wearable technology sector after their release of Google Glass, Google have beaten Apple to be the first tech giant to release a SmartWatch to customers.

LG’s G, Samsung’s Samsung Gear Live and Motorola’s 360 are three smart watches that will use Android—LG G and Samsung Gear are voice activated with square faces and set the standard for wrist tech in conjunction with smartphones.

Android Drive

All modern cars have on-board computers, but incorporating the Android OS into a car’s computer will, Google say, “enhance navigation and communication, be contextually aware and be voice controlled.”

40 car manufacturers have already signed up to using Android in their cars and we can expect to see vehicles with the Android OS rolling off the production line before the end of the year.

The service will work by drivers being able to sync their Android phone with their Android car to create an amazing driving experience, offering all the information required for a driver. Apps such as Spotify and Google Maps will be able to be used and controlled in the car without having to touch your mobile device—making it easier and safer to drive without the need or temptation to use a phone.

Android’s Smart TV

Google are concentrating on transforming the home’s big screens into Android-operated devices and are giving TVs “the same level of attention that phones and tablets have enjoyed” in order to dominate each screen in the home.

Demonstrating the Android TV’s capabilities on stage, Google showed how voice commands can be used to control the majority of a Smart TV’s functions, along with playing Google Play Shop Games on the big screen.

Android TV partners include Sony, Sharp, LG and ASUS, Showtime and Netflix.

It’s no secret that Apple device users are very devoted to the brand, whereas Android users are much more likely to change operating system because they are less loyal. This could be Google’s play to make Android an operating system that people can’t live without. If Android is incorporated into more elements of everyday life, and can be synced with numerous devices, then Android users will feel the necessity to continue with that system.

Android of the Future

When Android starts creeping into more elements of our life it’s only natural for us to think “where are they going to go next?”

An Android full home automation package will surely be one of the big steps forward in the next couple of years to truly make Android an all-round OS which can make our lives effortless.

If and when this happens, we’ll be one of the first people to let you know and start offering installation packages for your needs!

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on 01 Jul 2014