Artcoustic awards Cyberhomes Installation of the month for May


A big thank you to Artcoustic for honouring us with May’s installation of the month.


We always take pride in what we do, and this was no exception. We were given the task to install a full home cinema setup that did not interfere with the decor and aesthetics of the room at hand. This meant the equipment installed had to be carefully considered and installed with the goal of being discreet.


This home cinema room encountered several challenges such as no space above the ceiling to accommodate a motorised projector lift. We mitigated this by trying to find a low profile short-throw projector that still produces the best quality, that’s when we decided on Sony’s VPL-VZ1000 not only to optimise space but to give the client the best results with no sacrifices. This meant we had to find a cabinet that would fit the Projector, that is when we got in touch with AV furniture specialists Hayden to create a bespoke custom cabinet to house everything we needed within the cinema beside the AV rack which was outside the room.




We have released a case study if you would like to hear more on this project which you can find here:  Cyberhomes Short Throw—Big Thrills, Beaconsfield


Kit List

  • Automation and control: Control4
  • Sound: 2 Diablo SL 6-3 LR speakers, soundbar, 2 Diablo SL surround speakers, 2 in-ceiling Architect SL speakers, 2 Impact One subwoofer’s—all by Artcoustic
  • Processor amplifier: Integra
  • Picture: Sony VPL-VZ1000 short-throw projector; Screen Innovations 100” 16:9 ratio cinema screen

Link to Artcoustic’s news post:

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on 08 Jun 2020