Making a Modern Manor House a Smart Home

We’re just putting the finishing touches to this amazing home in Lapworth that we’ve been working on for over a year. We were first approached by the homeowner and his technical consultant before they had broken ground when they were finalising plans of this 8-bed mansion with their architect. This is the ideal time to start thinking about integrating smart home technology; as the perfect cable infrastructure can be specified and installed during the build process. Following a demonstration of its capabilities to the owner, a Savant Pro control and automation solution was specified. This has the ability to control… Read More »

Filmmaker Mode to Improve Home Movie Experience

Rian Johnson introduces Filmmaker Mode

  Over the years, TV and projector manufacturers have introduced many features to try and improve the quality of a TV picture. Most of you will be aware of resolution improvements (HD, Ultra HD/4K) and dynamic range improvements (HDR, Dolby Vision, etc); however there are also many other software enhancements that can have a benefit for content that was originally shot on video. However, when viewing a movie on TV, some of these ‘enhancements’ can actually have a detrimental effect on the picture making it look very different from what the Director originally intended. The Evil of Motion Smoothing! Perhaps… Read More »

Enhanced Savant Certified Programme Announced

Savant Certified logo

  In our two most-recent blogs we’ve looked at how Savant have introduced new features to their Savant Pro system for use by homeowners; Savant IP Video Tiling and Savant Pro Personalisation. Here we look at an initiative for third-party product manufacturers that will help in selecting the right equipment to ensure compatibility with a Savant Pro solution—it’s called ‘Savant Certified’. When Cyberhomes are designing the perfect control and automation solution for your home, we’ll discuss in detail with you the requirements of you and your family; and demonstrate the different platforms that we offer. The choice of which control… Read More »

Savant Pro Personalisation

Savant remote listening

  A couple of weeks ago we took a look at the new IP Video Tiling capabilities of Savant Pro; now here’s a brief overview of another feature that has been significantly enhanced with the latest release of the Savant Pro software: Personalisation. Family Focussed With the new customisation capabilities of Savant Pro, and in particular the Savant Remote, you can configure the interface for your home control to suit the needs of each member of the family. In fact, each Savant Pro Remote can be personalised either by room or by user to create the ideal setting each time.… Read More »

Savant IP Video Tiling

Savant IP Video Tiling

One of the great benefits of using ‘best in class’ products is that the manufacturers have the resources necessary to continuously update and improve their products. That’s certainly the case with Savant and their Savant Pro home automation and control platform. This is the first of a number of blogs where we’ll be taking a look at some of the new features and functionality that Savant have added to their latest software release or made available through new product offerings. What Is Video Tiling? Video tiling allows you to display multiple sources on one or many displays at the same… Read More »

Smart Gardens for Smart Homes

smart garden tech

Well summer is finally here (well until next week—Ed.) and hopefully you’re getting the chance to spend a lot more time in the garden. You might used to having all your technology integrated into a single control system in your connected home, but can we also automate some of the tasks outdoors too? There are a number of garden gadgets that are classed as ‘smart’; whilst for many of these it simply means there’s an app for it, it’s worth talking to Cyberhomes as we have a wealth of experience in finding ways to integrate third-party tech into Savant Pro… Read More »

Luxury Home Cinema in Detail

Cyberhomes case study (Oxfordshire Movie Magic)

A few months ago Cyberhomes put the finishing touches to a luxury home cinema room at a prestigious manor house in Oxfordshire. The owner of the home was so thrilled with the result that he has kindly allowed us to produce a detailed case study on the project. Download the case study to find out not only how our home cinema design team specified the very latest in Dolby Atmos immersive surround sound and 4k Ultra HD visuals; but also how they cleverly overcame existing architectural features to ensure the finished room and a sense of balance and symmetry. Download… Read More »

Savant Meets Siri

Savant Pro adds Siri voice control

When Savant launched their Savant Pro remote a couple of years ago it was revolutionary in having built-in voice control. At the time it was considered leading edge and is still comparatively sophisticated. Hold down the speech button and say “BBC1” and the remote immediately takes action. It knows that BBC1 is a TV channel and it knows which room you are in. With that information the Savant Pro system can turn on the correct TV, select the required video input (eg Sky), select the right audio input for TV sound and change the channel. All this functionality, including the… Read More »

Simply The Best

Best Home Automation 2019: Control4, Crestron, Savant

Earlier this month CE Pro announced the results of this year’s survey into the best home automation brands. It’s no coincidence that the top four brands in the Best Whole-House Control and Automation category (Control4, Crestron, Savant and Lutron) are also the four manufacturers preferred by Cyberhomes when specifying our smart home installations. Our highly trained engineers are specialists in the design, installation, programming and support of all of these leading technologies. When selecting a suitable control and automation platform for your project we consider ease of use, reliability, compatibility with third-party technology, functionality and interface design. We will advise… Read More »

Your Home Can Be Smart Even When You’re Away

Cyberhomes project Country Retreat Oxshott | Whole house lighting control

We’ve all been there. You’re half way to the airport when a thought springs to mind… …did I leave the bedroom window open, did I leave the lights on in the dining room, did I leave the radio on in the kitchen or worse, did I leave the iron on in the utility room. You try to put the thought out of your mind but it continues to nag away at you. You’ve no option to turn around and double-check. Even if everything turns out to be ok you’re no running late for your flight. How Could a Smart Home… Read More »