How can IMAX Enhanced make home cinema better?

Essential Install magazine IMAX feature

Source: Essential Install magazine April 2019 Ion Smith of CEDIA member, Cyberhomes, looks at the future of IMAX Enhanced in the home IMAX is renowned for being, arguably, the best cinema experience at the local multiplex with its giant screens, improved audio and alternative aspect ratios. IMAX Enhanced aims to bring that premium experience to the home cinema and media room environment. We think it has great potential in the CI space, providing a fantastic opportunity for our businesses to engage with existing and new customers. Launched late last year, IMAX Enhanced is both a new licensing and certification program for… Read More »

Cyberhomes Shortlisted for ‘Best Home Cinema’ in Smart Building Awards

Cyberhomes are delighted to hear that we have been shortlisted in the ‘Best Home Cinema Project Over £50,000‘ category of the 2019 Smart Building Awards. The shortlisted project is our ‘Hampshire Smart Home’ project, which has already won the 2018 CEDIA award for ‘Best Home Cinema £120,000 – £340,000‘ and was Highly Commended for the 2018 CEDIA award for ‘Best Integrated Home £230,000 to £340,000‘. The Smart Building Awards 2019 are trade-only awards run by Essential Install magazine, meaning consumers are not permitted to enter any category. Each award will be judged fairly by an expert panel based on the… Read More »

More Streaming Options

Apple TV+

Apple TV+ Apple have announced they are entering the streaming market with their new Apple TV+ streaming service; taking on the well-established Netflix and Amazon Prime streaming services. Like Netflix and Amazon they will be offering a range of new content that will, at least initially, be exclusively available on their TV+ service. In order to entice potential subscribers, they have signed up some big names in both on-screen and off-screen talent; such as directors Stephen Spielberg and M. Night Shyamalan and actors Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston and Steve Carrell. Oprah Winfrey is also working some documentary style content. With… Read More »

Is High-Resolution Audio Finally Going Mainstream?

Tidal high-resolution music streaming

This week the streaming music provider Tidal updated its app for the iPhone/iPad to support their high-resolution ‘Masters’ music streams. The Android app was similarly updated a few weeks ago. So now there is no need to compromise on the quality of the music you listen to for the sake of convenience. Will this be the move that finally kills off the dreaded poor-quality MP3 and allows everyone to make a return to listening to quality music reproduction? Sound Quality vs Convenience Suzanne Vega has a lot to answer for, although she didn’t know it at the time. Back in… Read More »

The Rise and Rise of Voice Control

home automation voice control

“Computer, locate Mr Spock” Whether it was Captain Kirk talking to the Enterprise’s computer, or Blake speaking to Zen and Orac; it’s not so long ago that the ability for electronic devices to understand the spoken word was purely in the realms of science fiction. Early attempts at dictation software often resulted in spending more time correcting mistaken words than it would have taken to just have typed it in the first place. Big Data is the Game Changer So how is it that in the last few years voice-activated devices like Alexa, Siri, Cortana and Google can suddenly understand… Read More »

IMAX Enhanced: Is It the New Standard for Home Cinemas?

IMAX Enhanced

In our recent blog reporting on this year’s CES show, we mentioned the launch of IMAX Enhanced, but what exactly is it? Well details are starting to appear. As most of you will know, IMAX is renowned for being arguably the best cinema experience at your local multiplex with its giant screens, improved audio and alternative aspect ratios. IMAX Enhanced aims to bring that premium experience to your home’s cinema room, media room or living room.  How can IMAX Enhanced make My Home Cinema Better? IMAX Enhanced was launched in December last year and is both a new licensing… Read More »

CES 2019: What it means for future smart homes?

LG rollable OLED TV featured at CES 2019

CES 2019: What It means for future smart homes? So the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is over for another year. Everyone has packed up their stands and headed home from Las Vegas. But what did we learn about what might be coming along in the near and distant future that will impact on our smart home/home automation installs and home cinema rooms? Rollable OLED Televisions Ever since OLED technology was first announced the possibility of flexible screens has been discussed (anyone remember the electronic newspaper you could roll up and put in your pocket?)—well now it looks like it… Read More »

Home cinema install: Storm’s brewing

High performance dedicated cinema room with Dolby Atmos 7.1.6 audio and stunning high dynamic range (HDR) 4K visuals

Source: Home Cinema Choice magazine 15 January 2019 (author: Daniel J Sait) There’s a rich mix of premium hardware and attention to detail in this picture palace designed by UK installer Cyberhomes. The owner, we’re told, wanted ‘the ultimate home cinema room’ and that’s what he got, not to mention a space crowned Best Home Cinema (£120,000 – £340,000) at the recent CEDIA Awards.Ion Smith, Cyberhomes founder and director, explains the brief. Dolby Atmos audio was a given but, if possible, a cut above 7.1.2. ‘Also, the screen image had to be bright enough to use during the day with lights on for… Read More »

Oxfordshire Cinema Room Ready for Christmas

Oxfordshire Home Cinema Room work in progress

Just before Christmas we were approached by the new owner of a manor house in Oxfordshire. He’d just acquired the keys for his new purchase and was keen to significantly upgrade the AV capabilities as part of the renovation prior to moving in. We installed a Ruckus managed Wi-Fi system to ensure there was good internet coverage throughout the home and provided Sky Q Ultra HD and new wall-mounted Sony televisions in several rooms; but the main part of the project was the media room. The existing media room had a TV and a basic Bose surround sound system. The… Read More »

Cinema Room 3D Visuals

home cinema room 3d render example

Investing in a high-end cinema room is not something most people do lightly. So if you find once it’s built that it doesn’t look how you imagined or performed as well as you expected no-one is going to blame you for being bitterly disappointed. In the news recently, a homeowner invested a considerable sum in a home cinema housed ‘in a glass box floating in the roof space’. When it was finished however it was nothing like what he’d envisaged; with six steel columns supporting the cinema, rather than ‘a sleek modernist cube suspended over the hall’. How do you… Read More »