Christmas Dinner Gadgets

Having a Smart Christmas?

With less than two weeks to Christmas here’s a quick look at some of the gadgets that are available to help with the all-important Christmas Dinner.

While it might not be possible to integrate most of them into you home automation and control system; nonetheless they will help save you previous time on this busy day.



Anova Precision® Cooker or Anova Precision® Cooker Pro

The Anova Precision Cooker® range are sous vide cookers (ie water bath) that make it easy to achieve restaurant-quality cooking results at home.

Built-in Wi-Fi means you can follow the step-by-step recipes in the Anova Culinary smartphone app and cook perfectly cooked meals with the touch of a button, all while enjoying time with your family and friends.

More details on the Anova Precision Cooker >>



iFAVINE iSommelier Pro Smart Decanter

The iSommelier allows you to perfectly decant the fine wine that will be accompanying your Christmas lunch.

A molecular air filtration system produces 90% pure oxygen which is then passed through the body of the wine. This achieves an accelerated aging effect within minutes. The wine becomes smoother with enhanced aromas and flavours. While you have to use the built-in touch panel control to set your preferences, the iFAVINE app does have a wealth of information and recommendations to get the most from your wine purchases.

More details on the iFAVINE iSommelier Pro Smart Decanter >>




We’ve probably mentioned the Meater thermometer in the past, but it’s still a favourite here at Cyberhomes.

Insert the probe into the thickest part of turkey and pop it in the oven. Then from the Meater app select how you’d like it cooked. The app will constantly monitor the temperature of the meat (and also the ambient temperature within the oven) to give you an accurate prediction of the time it will be cooked to perfection (it even factors in resting time). The Meater+ now has an even longer range than before, allowing you to keep an eye on the turkey’s progress when you are up to 50m from the oven. And of course it’ll be great for perfect steaks in 2020.

More details on the Meater Smart Thermometer Range >>



Le Creuset Star Wars

Ok, maybe not a gadget as such; but what home cinema loving smart home enthusiast could resist a set of quality Le Creuset pans and cookware themed with classic elements from the Star Wars franchise?

The fun, thoughtfully-crafted series offers something for everyone, from young Padawan learners to Master, Jedi chefs: the best-loved characters of Star Wars meets the legendary quality of Le Creuset. A Millennium Falcon trivet—yes please!

More details on Le Creuset Star Wars >>


Smarter Coffee Machine

You’re gonna need a great cup of coffee to wash down that last mouthful of Christmas pudding.

Fill the Smarter Coffee with coffee beans and water then connect it to your Wi-Fi and you’re good to go. Call up the dedicated app on your smartphone and within seconds hear beans being ground into tasty oblivion before the water is heated and poured through them. You can even create a schedule so it’s ready for when you get up, and use location tracking to make sure it’s ready when you get home from work in the New Year.

More details on the Smarter Coffee Machine >>




Merry Christmas from us all at Cyberhomes!

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