No more burnt sausages

iGrill monitoring of bbq temperature

Home Automation isn’t just tied to the interior of your home; there are many solutions available that can also automate and control your outdoor living space too.

Take for example the iGrill range of products for monitoring the temperature of your barbecue. Simply insert the probe into the piece of meat you want to monitor and place it on the grill. You can then sit back and enjoy a drink with your friends whilst keeping an eye on the temperature of the meat from your iPhone or iPad. Choose how you’d like your meat cooked…for example a medium-rare steak, and your phone will alert you when the meat has reached the perfect temperature.

As it looks like we might actually get a decent summer this year, there’ll no doubt be more BBQs than usual over the coming months. Now finally with smart products we can put an end to the British reputation of burnt sausages and charcoal steaks on our weekend barbecues.

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on 07 Jul 2014