Control4’s Audio Solution for the Hospitality Industry

Control4 hotel room and hospitality control system

For many of us hotel rooms are a place for relaxation and peace; a place to unwind when on a business trip, a setting for a leisurely retreat or a base for an adventurous exploration of a new area.

Personalising your hotel room to suit your preference is very difficult to do, especially as many hotel rooms are bland and generic, but Control4 have stepped up their hospitality automation efforts in an attempt to help guests feel more comfortable by creating a familiar environment they will enjoy.

Music is a huge part of many people’s lives and hotel guests will often play music while they are in their room. To get good volume levels guests will often bring their own docking station or portable speakers—taking up valuable luggage space—but now there is a solution which enables them to play their music in the room without losing the functionality of their phone!

Announced at the Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition and Conference (HITEC) 2014 in Los Angeles, Control4’s hotel audio automation solution will allow users to enjoy easy, seamless, and safe wireless music streaming directly to their room.

Control4’s Hospitality OS 2.5.3 is geared towards supporting their Wireless Music Bridge. This allows guests to stream music from their mobile devices via Bluetooth to the hotel room without having to run an app so no phone functionality is lost—texting, calling and browsing functionality are still available while music is playing.

Along with the ability to play music from listener’s private music collection stored on their phone, Control4 can stream music from services such as Spotify and Rdio.

All listeners have to do is connect their device to the Wireless Music Bridge and they can play any audio of their choosing—whether that’s music, an audio book, the radio, or sports commentary. Control4 have cleverly manufactured a way to ensure data is kept secure by generating unique access codes when guests check-in. These codes are only valid for the duration of the guest’s stay to ensure a completely-secure service.

Another introduction into Control4’s hospitality automation portfolio is a new intuitive method of controlling the air temperature in hotel rooms. Guests can use their mobile device to determine a specific temperature for their room, which is much simpler than setting heating and cooling limits.

Jim Arnold, Senior VP of Sales for Control 4, said: “Today’s smartphone-savvy travellers are becoming increasingly accustomed to using their digital devices to enhance their travel experience-from checking in at the airport to renting a car or hailing a taxi. They expect the same level of experience when they arrive at the hotel.

Hoteliers are increasingly finding that Control4 is the perfect automation solution for enhancing the customer experience and increasing brand loyalty. With this latest update to the Control4 Hospitality Solution, the bond between the guest, their mobile device, and the room itself grows even stronger.

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on 15 Aug 2014