RIBA and BIID accredited CPD presentations

Are you increasingly being asked about smart home technology?

Do you want to know more about how to specify integrated home technology?

Cyberhomes is approved to present two CEDIA CPD presentations entitled “Designing Integrated Future-Ready Homes” and “Smart Home Cabling Requirements for the Modern Home“. CEDIA members work with specifiers to help homeowners get the most from their living environment. Not too long ago a telephone point in the entrance hallway and a TV socket in the living room were about all people expected. Central heating was new to many and two-way switching for the stair lighting was seen as a nice touch. How times have changed! RIBA CPD assessed materialThese RIBA and BIID Accredited CPDs (Continuing Professional Development) will help you understand the basics, so you can talk intelligently with the client and the other members of the design team. It will show you what is possible, describe some alternatives and explain how to incorporate the various systems without detracting from your design. You’ll have a good grasp of modern best practice for low-voltage systems in the home, and feel more confident specifying these systems. The CPD will help build your vocabulary and you should discover some simple tips to help you get it right. Most importantly you’ll know who to ask if you need help in a particular area—this guide provides points of contact for detailed support and further assistance. When required, CEDIA member Cyberhomes will be best placed to help, and we will be only too glad to do so. If you would like Cyberhomes to present either of the CPDs to you at your practice please complete the form below or call 0333 344 3718.

Designing Integrated Future Ready Homes CPD presentation

RIBA and BIID accredited CPD