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From Demonstration to Experience

It’s hard to imagine how a new environment might feel if you haven’t experienced anything like it before. It's even harder when that environment is something that, if done perfectly, should elicit a wonderfully emotional response. From trying on clothes to test driving a potential new car, sometimes the only way to really understand how something feels is to try it. That is why we created Cyber Lounge - The Cyberhomes Cinema Experience.

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Everyone Remembers Their First Time

The day you met your partner, your first concert, play or movie, even the first time you drove a car by yourself - we all remember that first time. For many of our customers, our demonstration suite is the first time they’ve experienced a high-performance home cinema. Better than a commercial cinema (and without other noisy patrons) we like to think of it as ‘personal cinema’. Designed just for you - with sound and picture far beyond what you might have experienced before - ‘personal cinema’ is a truly immersive and emotive experience. We know your first time will be a moment that will stay with you, perhaps forever.

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Designed By Engineers, Built by Craftsmen

Every inch of the Cyberhomes Cinema Experience was crafted by our own team of experts. Their cinema work continues to win awards on the global stage, so you can be assured that every feature has been designed in detail, carefully installed and perfectly calibrated.

Cyberhomes craftsmen at work

Designed by Experts, Used by Humans

Whilst our experienced design team put a huge amount of skill into perfecting the technical details of your cinema, it is you that will be using it. For this reason, controlling our Cinema Experience room is simplicity itself. A sophisticated control system, working in the background, brings together audio, video, lighting, heating and air conditioning. All you need are a few simple buttons on a handset and you are in control. It just works, first time and every time. It even controls the blackout blinds and obscures the equipment rack, so your enjoyment isn’t disturbed.

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

While our Cinema Experience is a no-pressure environment, it does provide the ideal space in which to make decisions about your own cinema. While individual equipment can be discussed, the most important factors we’ll consider are space, aesthetics, furniture and, of course, budget. We can guide you through all the options, using real-world examples and years of experience. We have plenty of case studies of our previous work for you to look through too. If you're ready to bring a whole new world of entertainment to your home, book an appointment to visit Cyber Lounge - the Cyberhomes Cinema Experience and find out just what a real home cinema is all about.

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