Cyberhomes offers the Top 3 Home Automation Systems

Control4, Crestron and Savant lead home automation survey

Announced this week was the CE Pro 100 Brand Analysis survey for Home Automation. This survey showed that the top three most popular home automation systems are Control4, Crestron and Savant, with¬†Control4 taking the top spot over Crestron for the first time. Whilst this is a US-based survey we’re confident the trend is similar here in the UK.

At Cyberhomes, we are trained in and authorised to install all these top systems. That means we can give you independent advice on which system truly is best for your needs, whether that is Savant, Crestron, or the new market leader Control4. Like any product, each control system has its own strengths and weaknesses; and having worked with all three for a number of years we are in a strong position to steer you towards a solution that is the ‘best fit’ for your requirements.

It’s not just the technical capabilities of these (or any) control systems you need to bear in mind…it’s also the user interface as that is what you will be living with day in and day out. All these three brands offer their own range of dedicated remote controls and touch screens as well as apps for your smartphone or tablet. However it is very much personal preference (along with our careful system design and programming) as to which you will find works best for you.

With now an estimated 15,000 different home automation brands in the marketplace, you can be confident that working with Cyberhomes you are working with industry-leading solutions.

Contact us today to find out which system is the best fit for your property.

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on 03 Jun 2015