Dolby Atmos Demo Facility

Dolby Atmos Hear the Whole Picture

We can now reveal that our new demonstration facility currently under construction at our Thame HQ will include a Dolby Atmos surround system. This will be one of the first installations in the UK of this next generation surround sound format.

Dolby Atmos adds additional channels of audio, including the option for in-ceiling speakers which add a sense of realism to sounds that can be heard from overhead, from the “upper hemisphere.” Helicopters now really sound as though they’re flying overhead, or birds chirping high up in the trees above you. There are additional benefits to Dolby Atmos, such as the ability in the sound mix to direct certain sounds to certain speakers…which means the impact of a sound isn’t compromised if all your speakers aren’t an exact sonic match.

We will be installing an 13.4.4 implementation of Dolby Atmos, and we’ll give details of the hardware and specifications over the coming months. We’re already taking bookings for demonstrations when the cinema is completed, so get in touch now if you want to put a date in the diary.

There’s already well over 100 films that have a Dolby Atmos soundtrack, including Gravity which won the Oscar this year for ‘Best Sound Mixing’ and ‘Best Sound Editing’.

If you’re excited about the technical details of Dolby Atmos, there’s a couple of white papers you can read on the subject; otherwise just come and hear it for yourself!

Dolby Atmos technical specifications

Dolby Atmos Next-Generation Audio for Cinema

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on 30 Jun 2014