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The main request by the client was to have a fully integrated system, with each area having its own independent remote control.

Our involvement

  • Initial design and specification
  • Total system design
  • Cable run out schedules and CAD designs
  • Managing and overseeing the first fix works
  • Second fix installation and equipment supply
  • System programming and commissioning
  • Supply of Cyberhomes operating system manuals
  • After sales training & support

Key elements

A fully-integrated Control4 system was specified to gel the various sub systems into one user friendly application. The system consisted of:

  • Hardwired and wireless networks
  • Multi-room audio system
  • HD Video distribution
  • CCTV and Security
  • Full house intelligent lighting
  • Thermostatic control
  • Intercom and access control
  • In particular, it was essential that it could all be controlled in a convenient way

Each area had its own independent remote control as well as a wireless tablet which was designated for the cinema area. There were also in-wall touch panels, all of which incorporated the easy-to-use Control4 menu.

The building process

Originally built as a four bedroom family detached home, the property was subject to a major refurbishment which included an extension and loft conversion transforming it into a magnificent six bedroom property.

The stairway was taken away along with the original first floor access and replaced with a stunning marble spiral staircase which incorporated LED lighting into the walk way of each step. This flowed down to an open hallway with marble flooring throughout the ground floor with accompanying marble pillars.

The result was a beautifully-crafted Asian-themed décor with an ultra modern element of technology hidden into the background not to obtrude the designer’s intention.

Home Automation and Lighting Control System

The whole property incorporated Control4’s innovative Zigbee lighting system. All the lighting keypads had custom brass surrounds to match the properties finish.

Scenes were programmed to the clients liking in all areas and also movement sensor triggered lighting was incorporated for the stairs and hallways. As the security was integrated with Control4 we were able to create lighting scenes triggered by movement or alarm states.

On leaving the property the house would go into occupancy simulation and play back every light that had been turned on or off the two weeks prior in that order. The system also used an astronomical clock to tell when it is day or night and allowed for daylight savings. This gave an exact copy of the owner’s routine to leave potential burglars no doubt that there were people at home.

The main car gate was electrically operated and could be controlled from any touch panel, remote control and iPhone.

Multi-Room Audio System

An 8 zone multi-room audio system was provided and distributed throughout the house to Bowers & Wilkins in-ceiling speakers with external-grade speakers in the garden. The clients had their original iTunes library which was moved to an external hard drive so that any future iTunes imports would be available around the house. It is possible for multiple people to listen to different content simultaneously.

There was also a Control4 dual tuner which allowed two independent channels to be distributed around the system. When friends come over there is an iPod dock which allows control and feed back to all of the touch screens so you can actually view the content of the docked iPod.

Security and CCTV

There were four cameras in total on the exterior of the property. Two at the front and two at the rear. The cameras themselves were discrete vandal-proof dome cameras. They were set to record only when triggered and at night they were able to see in the dark as they had built in infra-red LEDs to illuminate the area in black and white.

We set up the camera system to be viewable from an iPhone or Blackberry and also over the internet from any computer by just typing in a web address into a web browser. Access was only given when a full password was entered after which there was full access available to live and recorded footage.

The security system was set to dial out to the client’s mobile phones when there was a break in or fire. The door phone/doorbell could even dial out to a mobile phone to and have a full two way conversation with somebody at the door.

This is a very useful tool to catch someone that you may have missed and also can be used to pretend that you are in when you are actually out.

When the client is at home the door-phone dials straight through to the internal phone system, this enables the client to talk to someone at the gate and also open both the electric side door and the main car gates from pressing keys on the telephone keypad. This whole operation can be viewed from any plasma and touch screen within the property, or you can view over the internet where the same operations apply.

Intercom was also provided for room-to-room communication using a wireless ‘Panasonic’ telephone system. These sets had the ability of displaying the different room names on their colour displays allowing direct paging between rooms.

Heating Control

There were 10 zones of heating in total and we consolidated all of the thermostats in the utility room. This allowed us to install remote temperature sensors to the zones which were painted over.

As there was no sign within the zones of an integrated heating system, it meant that each thermostat could be controlled via the Control4 interface. As it was integrated into the system it also meant that the client had control of the heating over the web and could create automated actions based on movement. If no movement was detected by the security sensors it could bring the heating down to an energy efficient level.

Products Used

  • Multi Room Audio Control4
  • Multi Room Video Leaf
  • Touch screen control Control 4 and iPhone
  • Lighting Control Control4
  • Speakers B&W & Speakercraft
  • Security/Automation DSC Security
  • Cinema Audio Denon, Sim2 and Da-Lite
  • Heating Control Control4

Video Systems

High Definition Video Distribution System

In total there were nine areas of the property which wanted to be able to view an array of sources. The sources to be distributed were:
  • 2 x Virgin HD Boxes
  • Apple TV
  • Blu Ray DVD
  • CCTV

The majority of the areas had their own flat screen TV including the Home Cinema Area. In addition to this it housed a drop-down Cinema screen and Sim2 projector. The screen was automated and covered the Plasma TV when in projection mode and boasted a 7.1 surround sound Speakercraft system.

All control was available through the wireless Control4 tablet as well as the clients Apple iPhone.

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