New Features for Savant Pro App

Version 8.0 of the much loved Savant Pro app is now available. For starters the user friendly interface has been improved to make it even easier to use! Savant “flattened” out the interface so users can “see everything in the house from the home screen,” says Tim McInerney, director of product marketing for Savant. Which means less button presses to achieve what you want.

Savant Pro app version 8.0

For example, when you are viewing a room the icons for all the services available in that room are now visible; whereas previously you would just see the icons for the services in use and you’d have to call up the other services from a menu.

It’s not just the user interface though that’s had an update, there’s also new functionality. Firstly there’s support for the new Savant Pro Remote, which we’ve talked about before in the Cyberhomes blog. This remote feels great in the hand, has a colour touch screen that is fast and responsive to use and even responds to voice commands. The remote has speech processing built-in, so there’s no delays whilst your spoken commands are uploaded to the internet for processing; which is common with other voice controlled devices. Having played with a number of prototypes over the last few months, we’re keen to get our hands on the final version and confirm just how good it really is.

New Savant Pro Remote with Voice ControlThe other big news is native support for Sonos allowing access to playlists, favourites and recently played songs, with a “now playing” screen showing album artwork and song information right within the Savant Pro app.

Whilst the new version of the app is already in the Apple App Store, it also requires the main Savant system software to be upgraded; so if you’re keen to take advantage of the new features and ease of use get in touch with Cyberhomes now and we can advise you what is required.

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on 04 May 2016