Home Cinema Design—Take Two

friends watching movie

Following on from the last blog in our Home Cinema Design series, we would like to consider the initial conversation between the home owner and the home cinema designer in a little more detail.

When considering the sheer number of interior design and equipment combinations available today, the style and performance for your cinema room is only limited by the imagination.

With so many options and possible outcomes available it is crucial to approach your project with the desired audience experience in mind. As with anything involving the integration of many smaller parts, it will be the balance of these parts that defines the end result. For example a well-designed lighting system and comfortable seats can contribute a great deal to the overall experience.

The initial conversation and preferably a showroom demonstration will touch on all aspects of the room design to help build a blueprint for the result you are trying to achieve.

friends watching movieThe following are examples of topics covered during a demonstration, with a view to achieving a five star experience for your family and friends;

  • Your vision for the room
  • A discrete solution vs a themed movie room
  • The room size and construction considerations
  • Who will be using the room and how will they be using it
  • All available specialist features and products
  • Room control including touchscreen and onscreen options
  • Size of screen based on the room dimensions
  • The room layout including the number and type of seating
  • Interior architecture and design

The next article in this series will take a broader look at the room itself, and your vision of how it will be used.

Can’t wait until then? Get in touch to arrange your showroom demonstration now!

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on 13 Jun 2013