Home Cinema Installations are good for family life

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It is constantly reported in the press that family life is adversely affected by the sharp increase in technology we have witnessed over the last decade, headlines such as ‘technology drives families apart’ and ‘technology is tearing apart family life’ certainly aren’t uncommon. Here at Cyberhomes we have always believed that this is simply a scapegoat for some families to blame and it appears for once someone has taken some notice of our claims! Finally!

An Ofcom survey has brought to light that families across the UK are gathering around technology together, united by their love of film and high quality entertainment. A recent increase in technology now means that less and less children are wanting televisions in their bedrooms, instead they prefer to head downstairs and watch whatever it is with their parents. This has never been more applicable to those homes with an awesome Home Cinema Installed. These cinemas can really act as the glue which binds families together.

We headed out to do some market research with our existing customers who enjoy the benefits of our home cinema installations.

‘It used to be a nightmare getting the children out of their bedrooms on a night; they even took their dinner up there! Now a feature of our week (especially Fridays) is that we can all gather round our excellent home cinema and enjoy either a good film or the weekly talent shows! It isn’t just us sat in silence either; afterwards we always have a meal and discuss our favourite parts’

‘After our home cinema purchase, our little boy has never been so happy, he literally rushes back from school to watch an episode of Spongebob Squarepants, it’s great to sit with him and see him so happy I (Dad) personally can’t wait until we can game together in the cinema room!’

It isn’t just young children which benefit from a Home Cinema Installation either.

‘Both my Wife and I lead incredibly busy lives, sometimes not seeing each other from 7am to 8pm in the evenings, having a home cinema means we can have our own special place within the home to relax and unwind’

All in all, technology can offer many pro’s and con’s to the modern family, we are aware that some technology, especially mobile phones and tv’s in bedrooms can help turn your already reclusive child into a living tortoise, cooked up 24/7 in their shell, but the right technology can really help bring families together.

On a slightly different note, technology undoubtedly helps us stay in closer contact with distant relatives.  53% of those questioned supported this, saying that technology had aided their relationships with distant family members, 47% of those questioned stated that technology helped their relationship with those they live with. So technology isn’t all bad after all!

To see how a Cyberhomes Home Cinema could work for you, take a look at one of our Home Cinema projects. Our home cinema installation process had won awards and we can truly give you the full home cinema experience… for less than you might think!

Book a demonstration at either or London or Oxford showroom now, and find out how you could be enjoying blockbuster movies in your own home.

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on 13 Sep 2013