Mind Control for Your TV

Mind Control of your TV

Believe it or not we could be controlling our Smart Home Technology purely with our thoughts in the not too distant future…that’s according to latest trials by the BBC. In collaboration with ‘This Place’ they’ve developed a headset that can read people’s brainwaves.

It’s very basic at the moment, only able to detect dramatic swings in brain state, such as meditation or concentrating. However, the BBC already have a prototype version of the iPlayer app that allows selection of programme based on this simple brainwave detection. As one tester commented, “It’s a lot slower than using a remote control“…so maybe we won’t be recommending it just yet, but watch this space!

Source – BBC News / bbc.co.uk – © 2015 BBC

We already have speech control on many AV devices, such as Samsung TVs and Amazon FireTV; will mind control be the next big thing…let us know what you think…tweet us at @CyberhomesUK #MindControl

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on 19 Jun 2015