Basement Cinematic Bliss—Lapworth

Award-winning basement cinema room

Designed for acoustic perfection and to be visually stunning before the projector even powers up…

Built to rival and exceed the finest cinema experience, the clients wish list included the biggest cinematic screen and the best audio optimised for the six family members seating positions.

Starting with an empty shell, Cyberhomes designed this award-winning cinema room to combine quality immersive sound, the finest video available and that extra Cyberhomes magic. The result is a comfortable and relaxing environment with striking interior design—in total contrast to the grey stretched fabric rooms often specified.

Project partners

  • Camilla Leech—Element Studios
  • TSR Electrical
  • Ace Contracts
  • Carter Security
  • Richard Voller Lighting design
  • Pulse Cinemas

"We could not fault Cyberhomes. When they came up with their 3D design of what our cinema room could be we never expected them to deliver the finished product exactly like the concept. We never expected the cinema room to be as good as it is and its become the show piece of the entire property, an exceptional thanks to Cyberhomes."

Homeowner | Lapworth, Hampshire, UK




Lapworth Manor House


Case Study

Download PDF of Cyberhomes 'Award-Winning Cinematic Bliss' home cinema case study Download this Basement Cinema case study
CEDIA Home Cinema Level II (EMEA) Winner 2020 Image

CEDIA Home Cinema Level II (EMEA) Winner 2020

Cyberhomes won 'Best Home Cinema' level II at the 2020 CEDIA Awards for ourBasement Cinematic Bliss, Lapworth project.

The Services Provided...

Interior Design

We proposed several design concepts with the client choosing a rich, futuristic look-and-feel to the room.

It was important that acoustic treatments were integrated which addressed first order reflections and room mode issues to ensure optimum audio performance. While there are curves and angles at every turn, the use of three-dimensional acoustic panels and bespoke visual features built to ensure the room remains balanced and symmetrical.

Computer modelling of the design allowed us to accurately predict its acoustic performance in order to determine the optimal speaker, screen and seating positions; complying with the design and and SMPTE.

Numerous LED lighting circuits enhance the structures emphasising the depth in the walls and ceiling through careful consideration of light and shadows.

Fabrics, colours, textures and upholstery—all working in harmony to create an exciting environment which doesn’t detract from the movie experience once the lights go down.

Basement Cinematic Bliss—Lapworth Details Image 1

Ultimate Visuals

A Sony 4K laser projector produces a vibrant and detailed image onto the 2.40:1 3.5 m wide projection screen, which has motorised side masking to change the aspect ratio of the screen according to the content being viewed.

A Kaleidescape 4K movie server provides fast and easy access to the homeowner’s library of Ultra HD movies without the compression compromises associated with streaming services.

As with all our luxury cinema projects, the projector was calibrated to ISF standard to ensure accurate colour reproduction for each video source.

Basement Cinematic Bliss—Lapworth Details Image 2

Immersive Audio

Dolby Atmos ® is now the de facto standard for most premium home cinema homes and for this installation Cyberhomes specified a 7.1.4 speaker array.

This layout ensures no compromise in audio whichever seating position you choose. Bi-polar surround speakers ensure a wide dispersion sound across the back of the room.

Atmos decoding is handled by an Anthem processor, and ARC room correction fine tunes the finished room acoustics to perfection. Triad speakers ensure reference level performance from the Anthem MCA series of amplification.

Four in-wall Triad sub-woofers ensure plenty of bass thump, but for that truly earth shattering feel to big action movies we also installed D-Box motion actuators to the seating. You really do become part of the action.

Basement Cinematic Bliss—Lapworth Details Image 3

Easy Control

Cyberhomes were installing a Savant Pro control and automation system for the rest of the house, so it was the natural choice to extend this to provide easy control of the cinema room.

Bespoke programming allows simple lighting scene changes, automatic screen aspect ratio changes and safe shut down of the projector to cool it sufficiently after use.

With Lutron lighting control throughout the home, a Lutron wallplate by the cinema door allows quick and easy startup and shut down of the cinema.

Basement Cinematic Bliss—Lapworth Details Image 4

Equipment Rack

Originally all the equipment was to be housed in the designated plant room, but when that became full of heating equipment an alternative needed to be found.

Cyberhomes took the opportunity to convert the huge garage space into not only a rack area but a complete party zone. The equipment racks were made a feature and inset into the walls, and an additional TV and sound system added. Of course there was still space to celebrate the homeowner’s luxury car collection.

A clean power supply safeguards the processor and power amplifiers allowing them to deliver maximum dynamic performance day-in day-out.

Basement Cinematic Bliss—Lapworth Details Image 5

Products Used

  • Integrated System Control—Savant Pro
  • Lighting Control System—Lutron
  • In-wall/In-ceiling Speakers—B&W
  • Audio Matrix—Savant
  • Video Matrix—Just Add Power
  • Security—Texecom
  • Cinema Projector—Sony
  • Cinema AV Processor—Anthem
  • Cinema Amplifiers—Anthem and Triad
  • Cinema Speakers—Triad
  • Cinema Screen—Screen Research
  • Video Sources—Sky, Apple, Kaleidescape
  • Managed Wi-Fi—Ruckus and Ubiquiti
  • Climate Control—North

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