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A home cinema without compromise

As part of a stunning redevelopment, a Romsey homeowner turned to Cyberhomes to create the ultimate cinema room.

The cinema was part of a wider project to transform the property into a spectacular, fully automated home. The owner wanted his new cinema to have it all: the biggest screen possible, state-of-theart audio-visual quality, beautiful materials and luxury finishings.

Detail was everything, right down to sourcing leather upholstery from the tannery that supplies Aston Martin. An exquisite space, the cinema provides the perfect atmosphere for any big-screen occasion.

"It was a great experience working with Cyberhomes. I dealt with the people who own and run the business from start to finish, and felt I could pick up the phone at any time. They listened to what I wanted, and were very pragmatic about where I could get best value. They were also extremely flexible as the project evolved."

Homeowner | Romsey, Hampshire, UK




Romsey, Hampshire, UK


Case Study

Download PDF of Cyberhomes 'Hampshire home cinema without compromise' case study Download this award-winning Home Cinema case study
CEDIA Home Cinema Level III (EMEA) Winner 2018 Image

CEDIA Home Cinema Level III (EMEA) Winner 2018

Cyberhomes won 'Best Home Cinema' level III at the 2018 CEDIA Awards for our 'Hampshire Cinema Seduction' project.

The Services Provided...

Interior Design

We commissioned a special acoustically transparent, stretched-fabric wall to create a unique, undulating sawtooth visual effect in the room.

The fabric wall is striking and tactile, and conceals 15 speakers as well as the acoustic treatment panels. Dramatic LED strip-lighting helps emphasise its textures, and dispels the need for central lights.

This gave us scope to commission a stunning star-field ceiling. Each star is precisely positioned to avoid the speakers and cabling above the ceiling, and prevent unwanted reflection on the screen.

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Control At Your Fingertips. To bring simple to control to the cinema we install and programmed a Savant Pro control system.

Cyberhomes installed and programmed the complete control so that the homeowners can use a handheld remote or smartphone app to control their entire cinema in the simplest way possible.

An additional control keypad, positioned by the entrance door, enables users to quickly turn the whole system on as they arrive and off as they leave.

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Audio & Video

We installed a Dolby® Atmos® 7.1.6 system, consisting of 15 James in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, and four James subwoofers.

Optimising the cinema’s acoustic performance meant calculating the required amount of reflection and absorption, and the right number of bass traps. We then brought in acoustic treatment specialists Desmond and Sons to implement our specifications.

Given the sound pressure levels such a powerful system can create, we advised the building contractor on how to achieve sound isolation from the rest of the house. This included an acoustic isolating door, made to recording-studio standards— and designed to match the other doors in the home.

As the owner likes watching movies and sport with friends and family, the cinema needed to provide outstanding visuals for daytime and evening viewing.

We achieved this by installing an acoustically-transparent Screen Research XLR3 screen, and a high-brightness Digital Projection 4K laser projector. We commissioned Vizbox Enclosures to build a bespoke ventilated cabinet to house the projector, placing the fans outside the property to eliminate noise in the room. We also reinforced the ceiling to support the weight of the projector and its cabinet.

Motorised side-masking allows the screen area to automatically change with the video source’s aspect ratio; and to close entirely to protect the screen when not in use. The cinema’s Lumagen Radiance Pro video processor delivers high dynamic range (HDR). It also allowed accurate ISF colour calibration for each video source. As with the lighting, all equipment is integrated into the intuitive Savant Pro system.

With one touch of the Savant Pro app, the family can set the perfect conditions for the occasion—whether it’s everyday TV, a big match, playing the games console, or watching a film from one of the cinema’s dedicated movie sources. The tiered seating Cyberhomes designed and built gives everybody in the room an unrestricted view. People in the front row get an extra level of luxury as they can stretch out and relax in the comfy loungers.

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The cinema’s Lutron lighting is integrated into the home’s Savant Pro control system.

As soon as video content starts to play, the lights automatically dim, leaving low-level illumination from the stair lights (except during daytime viewing). Achieving the perfect lighting conditions also meant removing an external window to block out natural daylight.

We installed a fake window in its place—complete with double-glazing, a motorised Lutron blind and integral LED lighting—to preserve the aesthetic balance of the property’s exterior.

Climate Control

The cinema’s air conditioning and circulation system—required to overcome the lack of natural ventilation— has a purge cycle that automatically refreshes the room after use.

It is powerful enough to get rid of the smell of visitors’ cigarette smoke. The vents are hidden within the coffered ceiling to avoid spoiling the look of the room. We also installed a Wi-Fi connected air-conditioning unit in the rack room, with temperature probes inside the racks.

Should the rack room exceed the desired temperature, the Savant Pro app alerts Cyberhomes. We’ll quickly step in to prevent the home’s equipment from overheating and shutting down.

Equipment Rack

When installing a high performance home cinema a certain amount of electronic equipment is inevitable. However, housing that equipment in such a beautifully designed space can quickly ruin the aysthetic.

To this end Cyberhomes designed and installed remote, dedicated AV racks to keep equipment out of the cinema room and make sure it is always at optimum temperature for highest performance.

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Products Used

  • Integrated System Control—Savant Pro
  • Lighting Control System—Lutron
  • In-wall/In-ceiling Speakers—B&W;
  • Audio Matrix—Savant
  • Video Matrix—Atlona
  • Security—Texecom
  • Cinema Projector—Digital Projection
  • Cinema AV Processor—StormAudio
  • Cinema Amplifiers—StormAudio and James
  • Cinema Speakers—James
  • Cinema Screen—Screen Research
  • Video Sources—Sky, Oppo, Apple, Kaleidescape, Amazon
  • Managed Wi-Fi—Ruckus, Ubiquiti and Domotz
  • Climate Control—Heatmiser

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