South Of The Border Cinema—Twickenham

A media room fit for the music industry

When this music industry mogul needed a redesign and upgrade of his media room for critical music listening, as well as movies and gaming, he turned to Cyberhomes.

The brief was to revolutionise the room so they could watch movies, music videos and play the latest video games with the best optimised and video quality, for use by family and guests. In addition to premium AV performance, it needed to be visually interesting yet maintaining a comfortable and relaxing environment.

Key elements

  • Complete in-house fabrication
  • Meridian Audio active DSP speaker array with MQA high-resolution audio
  • Dolby® Atmos® 5.2.4 immersive surround sound
  • 4K UltraHD Sony laser projector


The room was fairly compact which created a number of acoustic issues including potential bass boom from room modes and first order reflections from the hard walls and a large window to the right of the proposed projector screen position.

The room had existing joinery built into the front wall which reduced the room dimensions. Cyberhomes always strive to meet or exceed Dolby, CEDIA and SMPTE guidelines for speaker positions, projector throw, and seating distance; so the corresponding screen format and size had to be considered and accurately calculated for the best experience.

The aesthetic and functional design was equally important which meant Cyberhomes would need to specify products delivering both the desirable performance and the right look that would work in the room—it demanded ‘The A Team’.

"Cyberhomes exceeded my expectations and have provided me the perfect media room for critical music listening, watching movies and music videos and the best possible gaming experience."

Homeowner | Twickenham, Middlesex, UK


Music Industry Mogul


Twickenham, UK


This music industry mogul needed a redesign and upgrade of his media room for critical music listening, as well as movies and gaming.


Case Study

Download PDF of Cyberhomes 'South Of The Border' screening room case study Download Music Industry Screening Room case study

The Services Provided...

Home Cinema

A blackout blind in the window reveal was required to control ambient light with a semi-transparent curtain in front of it was added to deal with audio reflections, this curtain was mirrored on the opposite side wall to balance both visual impact and room acoustics.

For bass control Cyberhomes installed several corner bass traps at the front of the room which also helped give the room a studio feel. Cyberhomes developed several design concepts and demonstrated that removing the existing joinery, rebuilding the front of the room, then partly rebuilding the ceiling, side and rear walls would give the best results.

The room was designed using CAD and presented to the client for approval along with mood boards and 3D visuals prior to construction commencing. To achieve the visual and functional aesthetic of the room Cyberhomes specified Vicoustic acoustic treatments which offered a distinctive and stylish feel and ensured maximum performance from the audio equipment.

The acoustic panels were visually enhanced with LED lighting and complementary decor completed the look—‘Perfect’.

South Of The Border Cinema—Twickenham Details Image 1

Audio & Video

Studio-quality Audio

The audio and video in the room had to support the latest audio and video formats with 4K high-definition playback of both music and movies. Renowned UK Hi-Fi manufacturer Meridian Audio was selected to meet the client’s expectations—exploiting their sophisticated digital DSP technology and iconic active speaker designs to achieve a Dolby Atmos® 5.2.4 configuration.

A pair of Meridian DSP7200SE speakers, finished in a bespoke colour to match the room design, sit either side of an acoustically-transparent projection screen; providing the left and right channels for surround sound content as well as being able to play stereo music at sample frequencies up to 352 kHz in the latest MQA high-resolution format.

A sonically-matching Meridian DSP5200HCSE centre speaker was installed behind the screen with two Meridian DSW in-room subwoofers positioned half way down the side walls giving optimised bass coverage. For the surround and Atmos height channels, Cyberhomes installed discreet Meridian active in-wall speakers which perform to the same exacting standards as their in-room speakers.

Blistering Video

The latest Sony VPL-VW870 laser projector produces stunning 4k images onto a 16:9 ratio screen complete with top and bottom electric masking. This allows the screen size to be optimised for both 16:9-ratio music videos and video games and wide-format movies; whilst also providing the greatest horizontal viewing angle from the seating location, in accordance with SMPTE guidelines. Once installed and the room completed, the projector was calibrated to ISF standards to ensure optimum performance from each of the available video sources.

South Of The Border Cinema—Twickenham Details Image 2

Equipment Rack

One of the client’s requests was to accommodate all of the cinema AV components in the media room.

Cyberhomes achieved this by installing a ‘pull out and rotate’ Middle Atlantic racking system which was installed flush with the back wall. This allows easy access to the rear of the rack for future servicing and upgrading in the future.

To satisfy the client’s love of video games Cyberhomes completed the room by building a storage unit directly below the screen. This cabinet houses multiple games consoles with additional storage for their collection of video games.

South Of The Border Cinema—Twickenham Details Image 3

Products Used

  • Integrated System Control—Savant
  • Speakers—Meridian Audio
  • Projector—Sony
  • Projection Screen—Screen Research
  • Processor—Integra and Meridian Audio

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