Return of one-handed typing…now for smartphones

The original microwriterSome of your may be old enough to remember the Microwriter keyboard? It had a bit of a cult following with some computer users back in the early 1980s…particularly for BBC Micro in the UK. This small device (well small by 1980s standards) had just six keys which sit naturally under the fingers and thumb of your right hand (was there ever a left-handed version?) Once you’d learnt the combinations of keys required for each letter of the alphabet you could very quickly type text without having to look at the keyboard.

The Microwriter never really caught on with the mainstream and it looked like that was pretty much the end of one-handed typing…but not so!

TAP…the wearable keyboard

Recently announced, and available later this year, the Tap Strap is a wearable keyboard which like the Microwriter uses combinations of digits on a single hand to be able to enter text. Modern technology though means the device is much much smaller and no longer requires keys, it simply detects the movement of your fingers. A Bluetooth connection allows the text you type to be entered into your device…smartphone, tablet, laptop etc. So know you can type wherever you are, riding a bike, in bed in the dark, etc., without having to see the keyboard (or your hands).

TAP Strap on handCheck it out at and let us know what you think…would you use one?

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on 29 Jun 2016