Samsung launch SUHD TVs at CES 2015

Samsung launch UHDTV at CES 2015

Recently, Samsung have been one of our preferred brands of flatscreen TVs at Cyberhomes and we have installed hundreds of them in projects around the UK. Their picture quality has always been class leading, their design is easy to integrate into most rooms and their SMART features are comprehensive and easy to use. But Samsung aren’t resting on their laurels. At CES in Las Vegas today, they announced their new range of TVs for 2015. Known as SUHD, they have 4K resolution (four times the resolution of a ‘standard’ HD TV) as we’re coming to expect; but also introduces “quantum dots” which promise to deliver richer more lifelike colours than ever seen before.

Tim Baxter, president and chief operating officer of Samsung Electronics America, proudly proclaimed “This is what Samsung does. We create possibilities and shape the future.

Looks like we’ll be continuing to be installing Samsung televisions for 2015 and beyond.

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on 06 Jan 2015