Savant Meets Siri

Savant Pro adds Siri voice control

When Savant launched their Savant Pro remote a couple of years ago it was revolutionary in having built-in voice control. At the time it was considered leading edge and is still comparatively sophisticated. Hold down the speech button and say “BBC1” and the remote immediately takes action. It knows that BBC1 is a TV channel and it knows which room you are in. With that information the Savant Pro system can turn on the correct TV, select the required video input (eg Sky), select the right audio input for TV sound and change the channel. All this functionality, including the voice recognition, was performed within the Savant Pro remote and the system itself; no data was sent to the cloud for processing.

However times move on and we are now used to having sophisticated voice recognition systems around the home that can understand relatively complex sentences and also ask follow-up questions for clarification of what you asked for. Savant have already integrated Alexa and Google Assistant so you can use those voice control interfaces to control your lighting, heating and AV that are connected to your Savant integrated home.

Now Savant have taken this a step further by announcing that the Savant Pro remote will also support Siri voice control; along with support of the Apple HomeKit protocol for a wider range of smart home device integration options. The big gain of Siri support is that you now have complete voice control of Apple TV from within Savant. That allows you to search for content (eg “Hey Siri, watch Stranger Things.”), and enjoy easy control of media playback with spoken commands like PLAY, PAUSE, STOP, UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT, SELECT/MENU, etc.

Privacy Protected

Savant Pro remote voice button

Savant Pro remote voice button

The other advantage of Savant’s implementation of Siri is increased privacy. Unlike most other voice recognition implementations, Siri is not ‘always listening’ with the Savant solution. Instead, Siri is only activated when you press the voice button on the Savant Pro remote.


Contact Cyberhomes if you’d like your Savant Pro installation upgraded to include Siri voice control for your home.


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on 17 Jun 2019