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A couple of weeks ago we took a look at the new IP Video Tiling capabilities of Savant Pro; now here’s a brief overview of another feature that has been significantly enhanced with the latest release of the Savant Pro software: Personalisation.

Family Focussed

Savant remote user personalisation and customisation

With the new customisation capabilities of Savant Pro, and in particular the Savant Remote, you can configure the interface for your home control to suit the needs of each member of the family. In fact, each Savant Pro Remote can be personalised either by room or by user to create the ideal setting each time.

Just select your profile from the remote and it will present you with your favourite channels and scenes; and arrange the services on your home screen just the way you like them. So if you’re mainly a BBC One and Sky Atlantic viewer those channels will be up front and centre; whereas when your kids select their profile they will see their favourites like MTV and Dave!

This doesn’t mean your remote is getting more complicated; in fact the opposite is true. A new Single Screen Mode keeps favourite services, favourite channels, and scenes right on the Home page where they are immediately available.

And, of course, you can protect each profile with a passcode to ensure only the designated user is able to change their preferred layouts.

What About Guests?

Well you can still give your guests the ability to control the technology in your home, but you can lock down exactly what they are able to change and which rooms they have control over. Put the features they need to enjoy their stay within easy reach, and keep the ones they don’t out of sight.


Download the updated Savant Pro Remote datasheet to see some of these new customisation capabilities in action.

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on 23 Aug 2019