SAVANT SmartView Video Tiling

Savant SmartView Billboard

A single display, streaming up to nine HD video sources, with a slick viewing experience controlled and personalised through the power of Savant’s TrueControl iPad app.

At Cyberhomes we pride ourselves on integrating tomorrow’s technology today. By working with industry leading manufacturers such as Savant we are able to offer very impressive solutions.

Though constantly surrounded with cutting edge technology, occasionally a product comes along which really is worth shouting about. Savant SmartView Video Tiling is one such product.

At home you have the capability to switch between 24 HD video sources, and display up to nine of these “image tiles” on your screen at one time. Award-winning Savant SmartView Video Tiling provides the ultimate viewing experience. Keep an eye on multiple sports, watch the weekend forecast, follow the markets and see who’s at the door. All this and more without disrupting the kids’ movie.

In the Board room this multiple window display allows you to view a presentation, plus multiple video conferencing sources and more, all on one screen. Training Facilities, Sports Bars, Educational institutions and Security/Surveillance organisations are all making use of this multi-view solution.

Apple® gestures are used to control and customize the screen; tap an image tile to select its source and double tap a tile to select the main audio source, or just pre-set your favourite configurations.

Many of our readers will know that traditionally similar features have been available in the form of extravagant multi TV solutions for cinemas and boardrooms, and though very functional, aesthetically speaking these “TV Walls” are not for everyone. This is where SmartView is a real game changer, as this feature provides the equivalent of nine TVs on one single large screen TV or Projector.

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on 02 Apr 2013