Savant Systems new to Cyberhomes

iPad showing Savant Systems

Cyberhomes has added another string to their bow and are now installing Savant systems.

Savant is the only home and commercial control, automation and entertainment product line built on an Apple platform.

Their core architecture (built on Mac OS X) was already designed to be used in commercial systems and Savant has a range of commercial products available. Now the company will repackage existing products for vertical commercial markets: retail, corporate, education, healthcare, marine and live events.

By combining its configuration and control software (RacePoint Blueprint) with advanced media and computing products from Apple, and their Savant SmartSystem, Savant says “commercial clients will no longer have to rely on automation products with such a significant (and costly) gap between hardware and software.” Ah, spoken like a true Apple fanboy… the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

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on 24 Dec 2012