SAVANT TrueImage

savant trueimage

As a Savant integrator, Cyberhomes is dedicated to providing its clients with the best technology solutions available. We have taken the opportunity to expand our own Savant automation system in our recently renovated showroom, with stunning results.

Savant TrueImage™ pushes the limits of the user-experience. Unlike any other control system on the market, this exciting product allows you to touch actual images of your room to initiate commands. Navigation is instant and intuitive.

You could be forgiven for thinking that the image to the right was just of a room, but actually it’s the Savant control menu on an iPad®. Simply touch an image of the actual light in the room you wish to control, and not only does the light in the room turn on/off or dim when pressed and held, but it also illuminates on the iPad® confirming the command. Navigating from room to room is easily accomplished by “pinching” the iPad screen, causing the images of each room to appear collectively. Tap on the desired room for immediate home automation access.

Taking full control of your TV or home cinema is easy with TrueCommand™. Familiar Apple® gestures are used to control and customize the screen, making the technology truly accessible. The Apple®-based platform also allows for the most amazing user interface, these devices provide complete two-way control of all home automation systems including; lighting, heating, security, audio/video components, home cinema and other sub-systems.

The new Cyberhomes Showroom features Savant TrueImage™ and TrueCommand™ , these offer simple one-touch control of any device connected to your system using remotes, keypads, touch screen devices and intelligent On-TV menu navigation.

Savant certainly is something special, if you are planning a home automation or cinema project get in touch and experience this wonderful solution for yourself.

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on 15 May 2013