Science Fiction Door Control becomes Science Fact

August Smart Lock

If you’ve been watching the Steven Spielberg produced TV series Extant on Amazon Prime you will often see the characters talking to their home automation systems. Molly Woods, played by Halle Berry, can open her front door to visitors just by asking her home to unlock the door. Whilst Extant is set around 10 years in the future, this technology is starting to become available now.

As is often the case, science fiction regularly becomes science fact. In the US, automated door lock manufacturer August have launched their new Smart Lock. This ingenious device allows you to lock and unlock your main front door from your smart device. No longer do you need to fumble in your pocket or bag for your keys, simply approach your door and as long as you have your smartphone with you—and you’re authorised to access the home—the door will automatically unlock.

You can even schedule temporary access for visitors, whether friends, family or tradesmen. Apple Watch support is already available, opening the door (pun intended) to the possibility of voice control through Siri.

Check out their light-hearted video on how it works:

August Smart Lock isn’t available in the UK yet, but we’ll be certainly keeping an eye out for when it is. Maybe Molly is using the 2025 version of the August Smart Lock?

Extant sci-fi on Amazon Prime TVIf you haven’t caught Extant yet, season three is now showing on Amazon Prime Instant Video in the UK and you can also catch up with seasons one and two.

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on 07 Aug 2015