Sky Join the 4K Party

SKY Q product range

Sky have today announced their new Sky Q platform which brings 4K ultra high definition capability to the popular satellite broadcaster’s offering. At the heart of the system is a new set-top-box known as the ‘Sky Q Silver’. This is quite a leap forward from current Sky HD boxes with 12 built-in tuners and the ability to record four different shows at the same time whilst you’re watching a fifth show live. It has 2TB of storage as standard and for the first time Sky are allowing you to stream your recordings to a wireless tablet (up to two at a time).

There’s also a lower specification ‘Sky Q Box’ and a new Sky Q Mini which will allow you to watch your recordings on a second TV. All this is enhanced with a brand new user interface that should make finding what you what to watch much easier.

New Sky Q remote controlPerhaps most controversially is a replacement for the much-loved Sky remote. The new Sky Q touch remote follows the trend set by Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV in having a touchpad on the remote and connects via Bluetooth rather than infrared.

The new range of products are due to launch in “early 2016” and no pricing has been announced yet. You can be sure that in the interim period Cyberhomes will be exploring how to integrate these new Sky devices into the control systems we offer. Watch this space!

Whilst support for 4K resolution is promised, there’s no news yet on what 4K channels Sky will be providing; but you can be sure this will help to kick start the availability of 4K content.

Find out more on the new Sky Q microsite:


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on 18 Nov 2015