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Well summer is finally here (well until next week—Ed.) and hopefully you’re getting the chance to spend a lot more time in the garden. You might used to having all your technology integrated into a single control system in your connected home, but can we also automate some of the tasks outdoors too? There are a number of garden gadgets that are classed as ‘smart’; whilst for many of these it simply means there’s an app for it, it’s worth talking to Cyberhomes as we have a wealth of experience in finding ways to integrate third-party tech into Savant Pro and Control4 home automation systems.

Grass sprinklers and Irrigation

smart garden wateringMore than just a hose on a timer, both Hozelock and Gardena offer smart garden watering systems. You can schedule multiple different watering schedules that are calculated by the app based on your soil type and the kind of plants you have. Not only that, soil moisture sensors ensure there’s no wastage of water by only tuning on the supply when the ground really needs it. With the app you can constantly check on the water status of your garden and make manual overrides should you need to.

Robotic Mowers

iMow smart mower app They’ve been around for a while and have been getting smarter with each generation. Smart algorithms allow the mower to learn the layout of your lawn and calculate the optimum route to cut it. Sensors ensure they safely react to any moving or static objects in the garden. Leading manufacturers like Stihl, Gardena, Husqvarna and Flymo all have ranges of robotic mowers to suit different sized lawns. Linked to weather data and the mower can decide if it’s going to rain or if the lawn will be to wet to mow.

Motorised Awnings

automatic awning for smart gardensWhile we are forever complaining that we don’t get enough sun in the UK, as soon as it gets hot we are searching for the shade. Smart awnings can deploy automatically to provide shade in the areas you need it such as over patios and decking. Using an astronomical clock, your control system knows the position of the sun throughout the day, any time of year. That means only the awnings that are required to be open are activated and rotated to the best position. Other awnings stay stowed until required.

Exterior Lighting

CEDIA award finalist 2017It’s just as easy to have control of the lighting in your garden as it is in your house. Our popular Lutron lighting systems are equally suitable for indoor and outdoor use. So whether it’s lighting a pathway, providing security perimeter lighting or highlighting garden features; light can revolutionise how your garden looks from twilight onwards.

Outdoor Home Cinema

Probably the ultimate garden luxury—how about a huge 5 m TV in your garden? Surely that would take up too much space? Not if it is a C SEED 2001—this clever LED TV automatically folds itself into sections and descends into the ground when not in use; all in just 25 seconds. When it is in use it can be raise or lowered and rotated up to 270 degrees so you always have the perfect viewing angle of the HD picture wherever you are in the garden.

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on 17 Jul 2019