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If you believe the TV advertisements, every Internet provider promises perfect WiFi. In practice we all know this often isn't what's delivered. Providing great Internet coverage for a whole house, particularly a larger house, takes skilful networking system design, well chosen equipment and professional network installation. It simply can't be delivered by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) alone.

With more and more of us working from home, and an ever-increasing number of smart devices needing Internet access, there's never been a better time to call in a network professional for your home Internet system. At Cyberhomes we use designs, equipment and setup techniques taken from the commercial world.

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Managed WiFi

A managed Wi-Fi network ensures you have fast and reliable Wi-Fi throughout your home (including the grounds if required) with no dead spots. A managed solution ensures your devices seamlessly roam from one access point to another without you having to give it a second thought. And it happens fast. No lost Facetime or Skype calls or picture/sound breakup when streaming.

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WIFI Networks for Apartment Blocks & MDUS

When you invest a lot of resources to provide a great living experience in your multi-dwelling units (MDUs), internet speed is part of the owner experience. Ensuring all residents have fast, reliable and secure Wi-Fi can present a lot of technical challenges. Cyberhomes managed Wi-Fi networks ensure everyone gets the quality of service they need and the privacy they deserve.

WiFi vs. ethernet networking cables

WiFi is great in the home. It gives you huge flexibility with where you can access the Internet on your chosen smart device. However, WiFi isn't for every device. The native speed of WiFi is much lower than that of an ethernet cable. For smart devices that use a lot of data, or for those where complete reliability is required, ethernet networking cables will always be a better answer. Smart TV's, control systems and lighting devices are great examples of where ethernet should be used.

At Cyberhomes we're ideally placed to advise on the right connection for each of your smart devices and then design, install and test your network so that it delivers the best of both worlds.

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