Lighting Design & Control Automation

Taking control of home lighting

Gone are the days when you needed multiple switches for multiple lights at home. Intelligent, automated lighting control systems allow you to manage all of the lights in your home so they work seamlessly together. They can also be customised to your exact needs or mood. From turning all lights off at once with a single ‘Goodnight’ button, to creating colourful atmospheric lighting scenes with our touch-screen systems.

You can create exactly the right ambience to suit your décor and mood using our specialist lighting systems.

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Lighting design

Our lighting design team have over 20 years of experience in professional lighting design. They work closely with our clients, architects and interior designers to establish exactly the right lighting fixtures and placements for every room in your house. Sometimes that includes using existing luminaries, but it can also include creating bespoke solutions specifically to meet the required aesthetic and performance.

As part of the lighting design process our team can also create a 3D image of a room in your home, complete with accurate lighting reproduction. This means you can preview the look and mood of your new lighting scheme prior to installation.

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Occupancy simulation

When you’re away from home, wouldn’t it be nice if you felt your smart home was being looked after? We can integrate Occupancy Simulation into your home lighting and automation system so that, to the outside world, your property will appear fully occupied even when there’s no-one home!

Bolstering your smart security system, when you activate ‘Vacation Mode’ our unique system will activate a sequence of activity, giving outsiders the impression that your house is being lived in. Simulation can include lighting, TVs powering on and curtain movements. We can even divert your intercom to your mobile phone, giving the impression that you are home.

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An Automated Home Saving energy & saving money

While heating & cooling remains the largest user of energy in a smart home, lighting plays a significant part too. With rising energy prices and increasing ecological concerns, it's important that every system in the home is energy efficient.

Using both energy-efficient lamps (such as LEDs) and power-saving dimming technology, every system we install seeks to reduce the amount of energy your home lighting consumes. In addition to reducing electricity bills, this is also essential for homes that run on solar and / or battery-based power. 

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