The Connected Home Is The Future

Beyond the Connected Home

We are currently living in a digital revolution.

Over the past few decades technology has transformed around us leaving the older generation struggling to catch up as the new age of digital babies have grown up with touchscreens, Wi-Fi and the smartphone as everyday commodities.

The days of dial up technology in the 90’s has been replaced with superfast broadband meaning faster connectivity and wider internet access. The days of sitting twiddling thumbs waiting for the dreaded dial tone are over, making way for the next big thing… the connected home.

What Can Be Connected?

Sharing data and communication is the main point of a connected home. It allows us to interact within the household, with friends and family, and enjoy hobbies from every room in the house.

Entertainment is a key element of connectivity in the home, watching, streaming, downloading and sharing. It enables us to watch our favourite films and TV shows from a bedroom television, home cinema room, laptop or tablet. Not to mention listening to music and playing games.

Staying connected with friends and family is also another aspect of the connected home. Being able to access the telephone and internet via one simple connection means everyone in a household is able to interact with each other and anyone else they choose.

It also allows us to connect to data as there is a huge storage system which can save all photos, music and videos. This means families can not only store but back up music playlists, photo albums and any other important documents for work or school.

Other useful aspects

Not only does a connected home mean fun for all the family watching films and chatting on face time, it also means a more practical approach to essential home technology.

Now things such as heating, air-conditioning, security and lighting can all be controlled remotely through home technology systems. Creating an even greater level of connectivity as it allows us to turn the heating up or down, lock a door or switch a light off from one control.

These tasks can be carried out when you’re not even on your property, for example putting the alarm on while at work or recording your favourite TV show so you don’t miss it.

Now and The Future

The possibilities we have from home automation today is pretty amazing. Including features that only allow your heating and lighting to come on when you’re home by using movement detectors. Creating even further advantages as this will cut down electrical bills and save energy. As well as the obvious unlimited entertainment values that Wi-Fi enables.

In the future expect home innovations to get even smarter as we are living in a digital boom now and technology is only going to advance further.

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on 14 Nov 2013