The History of Home Cinema

1950s drive-in cinema

Home cinema has been on a high speed journey of evolution, transforming itself in just a couple of decades.  Post Second World War, cinema became popular once again and Americans especially took cinema into their hearts, thinking of new exciting ways to watch their favourite movies, the drive in was born, it is these drive ins which were immortalised in such films such as Grease.

During the 50’s and 60’s many Americans also began to enjoy films at home, through the use of films projectors, this trend continued until the 1980’s, the decade in which home cinema began to morph into what it is today. Advances in this period include the invention of Multi-channel audio systems, which hugely improved sound quality. VHS or video was the usual viewing format in the western world, although those in Asia were beginning to explore the possibilities of the Laser Disc, which was invented in 1978. This of course, became the predecessor of the DVD.

During the mid-1990’s home cinema moved towards the large rear view television set, but by the turn of the decade, a lot began to change.  As we celebrated the millennium, DVD’s swept in and quickly replaced outdated Videos. Digital audio systems also came on the market, revolutionising how we heard films, allowing us to experience surround sound in all of its glory. High definition TV’s and flat screen TV’s also became commonplace in living rooms around the country.

State of the art Home CinemaAs we continue our technological journey, we learn of home cinema technology been developed even faster. 3D films can be watched in the comfort of our own home, Blu-ray DVD’s give us an even better picture quality and home cinema rooms are constructed to the very highest standards.

Whatever the changes, you can be assured here at Cyberhomes we will always be at the forefront of the home cinema industry, meaning you are offered the very best and most current technology out there, which can be installed professionally, with stunning results allowing you your dream Home Cinema Installation.

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on 19 Sep 2013