Time to Wear your Home Automation?

Savant app for Apple Watch

With the launch of the Apple Watch just days away (available from 24th April in the UK*) are we about to see the beginning of a whole new way to interact with your smart home systems?

It’s only a few years since the rapid adoption of smartphones and tablet PCs, particularly the iPad, revolutionised the control interface for most home automation systems. No longer was a clunky, bulky slow to respond dedicated remote control acceptable. We were used to the performance of our iOS devices and expected similar performance from our smart home controls. Now all the major smart home systems have apps that can run on your favourite device.

But our attention is about to move again from the smartphone in our pocket to the watch on our wrist. The new Apple Watch is certainly being billed as being the best smart watch so far, and we’re sure we are just at the start of a revolution in wearable devices. Almost immediately after launch it will be possible to control someĀ Lutron lighting systems from the Apple Watch. Savant, one of our recommended smart home control systems, have also announced that the ability to control their systems from the Apple Watch is not far away.

It seems the logical next step to have volume control, lighting control, music selection, and so on all immediately to hand.

If you’re already taking to us about a smart home system; don’t forget to discuss with us whether smart watch control, from Apple or otherwise, should be on your wish list.


* Only the lucky few who got their pre-orders in early will be able to get the Apple Watch on the 24th. The rest of us will have to wait for a month or so until availability improves.
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on 22 Apr 2015