Ray Dolby’s contribution to home cinema

Portrait photo of Ray Dolby

Engineer, inventor and billionaire, Roy Dolby has sadly passed away last month leaving behind his legacy that helped make the home cinema market what it is today.

Considering that colour television didn’t come in till the late 1960s, the development in cinema technology has been enormous over the past 5 decades with surround sound and 3D being a necessity when tuning in to the latest box office hit.

gene projectorRay Dolby (1933 – 2013) invented the noise reduction system known as Dolby NR which reduces the audible level of noise during playback of recorded sounds.

Also, his work and developments of Dolby Surround, Dolby Pro Logic, Dolby Digital and Dolby TruHD has played a major role in the development of the perfect, crisp surround sound quality that we have today.

Not everyone can say they have a cinema in the comfort of their own home but it is something that is becoming ever more popular and available.

The founder of Cyberhomes, Ion Smith says: “We owe a lot to Ray Dolby, his work made it possible for the latest Dolby systems to be able to provide surround sound in your home that equals, and often betters, your local multiplex cinema”.

Home CinemaThis means everyone can now enjoy the cinema experience at home with developments in technology allowing home owners to actually create a dedicated ‘Cinema Room’ which goes further than just watching movies in your living room.

It is a huge change that has taken us from watching the first ever home theatre in the 1950s , which was a small portable projector mostly used to play home movies of the family, to today’s impressive 3D, surround sound cinema rooms.

If you’re interested in creating your own home cinema room to enjoy your favourite films and TV with the whole family in style then take a look at our projects for some inspiration on your perfect home cinema room.

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on 02 Oct 2013