Unlocking the Automated Home

poly-control smart door lock

Are the days of carrying a bunch of keys soon to be behind you?

For many years now, most cars have no longer required a key to unlock them; a click on the keyfob and the doors unlock. Many models also offer keyless entry…as long as the keyfob is about your person somewhere, in a pocket or bag, the car will detect its presence and unlock as you reach for the door handle. So why do we still need to carry keys for our homes?

Well if companies like poly-control have anything to do with it you soon won’t have to.

danalock logoTheir new Danalock allows you to use your smartphone to control the locking and unlocking of your external doors. Like the vehicle keyless entry systems, it can also detect if you approach the door with your smartphone on your body…your front door unlocks before you’ve even touched the door handle.

By integrating these new electronic locks with the other automation systems in your property, you can ensure it ties in with your intruder alarm and CCTV so that the doors are secure against unwanted visitors.

Other keyless systems such as fingerprint recognition are also becoming more readily available and Cyberhomes is the first company in the UK to install iris recognition access control to a residential property. With Apple already trying to replace your wallet with its new Apple Pay system, soon you really will need nothing but your smartphone when you leave the house.

danalock smartphone lock

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on 06 Oct 2014