New Virgin Media 4K Set Top Box

Virgin TiVo set top box

Back in November last year we reported that Sky would be launching a new 4K satellite receiver. Whilst there still aren’t any 4K channels on Sky, the new range of receivers, Sky Q, has duly arrived and are available now for installation. BT Vision have also launched their 4K set-top box so that just leaves Virgin Media as the remaining major player in UK broadcast provision without 4K ultra HD (UHD) capable hardware. But that’s about to change.

Virgin Media have announced there will be a replacement for their current HD TiVo box which will be 4K capable and it’ll be available “in the next few months”. The new box is likely to continue to use the TiVo-based interface for the management of recorded programmes and indeed an update to the interface is also planned for the current boxes that will include slicker menus and will be “more picture based”.

Until there is 4K content available there’s no great urgency to update to a 4K capable box, but with Sky rumoured to be launching 4K channels in “this summer”, that could soon change.


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on 11 May 2016