Home Cinema Picture Quality: Flawless visuals

Creating the perfect picture requires more than high-spec home cinema equipment. It demands the technical expertise to get the most from your technology.

Our engineers and designers consider every detail, to give you cinema-quality visuals with vibrant colour, high definition, the sharpest contrast and immaculate clarity.

Home cinema flawless visuals

Screen size

Screen optimal viewing distanceFor a truly stunning home cinema experience, you need to be able to see every detail of every image, across the whole of the screen. We’ll calculate your optimal viewing distance, and find the best screen size for your room.

Aspect ratio

Film and TV content are shot in a different aspect ratio (the width to height ratio of the image). That’s why you sometimes see black bars around a film when watching it on TV. We can banish these from your screen with an anamorphic projector lens, or by using motorised masking.

Screen aspect ratios


4K vs HD vs SD TV video resolutionThe new generation of 4K UHD screens has arrived, with double the horizontal resolution and double the vertical resolution of current high-definition screens for four times the detail.

Although availability is rapidly improving, there’s still a limited amount of 4K content around. If you don’t feel it’s yet time to pay out for a 4K home cinema, we can make sure you can easily upgrade in the future.

Or, we can make your home cinema fully 4K-capable right now. That way, you can take advantage of the 4K streaming services currently offered by Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video, or install Sky’s 4K box or a 4K Kaleidescape player.


Home cinema lighting controlWatching a movie in the dark can be exciting, but your eyes can’t adjust to take in the film’s full dynamic range of lights and shades. However, the room must be sufficiently void of light contamination to give you the right contrast ratio and immaculate image detail.

Cyberhomes sets the perfect ‘bias lighting’ into your home automation system. So at the touch of a button, you can watch stunningly vibrant images in ideal lighting conditions.

Screen material

 The material your screen’s made of can make a huge difference to your viewing experience. With exactly the right material colour, your screen will reflect the precise amount of light to give you accurate colour reproduction. The material must also be acoustically transparent if you want the benefits of positioning your speakers behind the screen.

Video display calibration

Once your home cinema is installed, you can choose to have your screen and projector finely calibrated by Imaging Science Foundation-trained visual engineers. To give you the best picture possible, they will take a detailed look at the precise configuration of your screen and projector, in conjunction with the unique lighting conditions and layout of your room.

Dynamic range

UltraHD Premium logoMany of the very latest (2016 onwards) televisions and projectors support High Dynamic Range (HDR) which allows the screen to display a wider and richer range of colours, much brighter whites, and much deeper, darker blacks. HDR content allows you to see more detail in the darkest and brightest areas of a picture. The benefit is more natural, true-to-life colours that are closer to how we expect to see them in real life.


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