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A great surround sound system only goes part-way to achieving cinema-like sound quality. The rest comes down to the acoustics of your home theatre.

Crystal-clear dialogue, razor-sharp clarity, pinpoint focus and wrap-around sound depend as much on the room as on the equipment in it. The shape of your room, where you sit, where your speakers are placed, the location and materials of your furnishing and fittings—all of these elements contribute to peak audio performance.

Cyberhomes has the expertise to overcome the acoustic issues every home cinema faces.


As sound travels from a speaker to your ears, it bounces off the walls, floor and room furnishings. Too much of this ‘reflection’ will muddy the sound; too little creates an unpleasant artificial ‘dead’ sound.

Cyberhomes acoustically treats your home cinema to get the right balance. Generally, more sound absorption is needed at the front of the room to reduce reflection, which sharpens dialogue and increases clarity. More diffusion at the back of the room typically improves surround sound.

Low frequency

Low bass sounds can become distorted in a small room like a home cinema. The tone of the sound can become uneven, and you might find it difficult to hear a film’s dialogue. What’s more, standing waves can cause dips and booms in the sound. By fitting bass traps, for example, Cyberhomes can improve the clarity, balance and timbre of your surround sound.


At its best, surround sound lets you feel like you’ve been transported into the scene you’re watching. Focused sounds match up with the images you see, taking the realism of your cinema experience to new heights.

Sound isolation

You’ll want to banish distracting household noises from your home cinema, and experience the full power of your surround sound system—without disturbing the peace for everyone else.

Cyberhomes’ specialists know how to deal with the complexities of sound isolation. Where possible, this means creating a ‘room within a room’, allowing us to control all the acoustic elements that affect the sound in your home theatre.

By minimising sound pockets and vibrations in your home cinema, Cyberhomes gives you the fullest possible dynamic range (that’s the difference between the softest and loudest sounds you can hear). This is what you need to pick out even the quietest details of a film, without having to turn the volume up.

Acoustic calibration

Once we’ve acoustically treated your room, we can fine-tune it to achieve optimal audio performance. You can choose to have your home calibrated by a Home Acoustics Alliance-trained sound engineer.

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