Luxury Property Development - Barnes

Luxury property development with room to expand

This was the latest in a number of developments that Cyberhomes has supplied the AV, control and automation for. The brief was to install a cable infrastructure that would allow the final owner of this 16,000 sq ft home to easily upgrade to the very latest in audio/visual, security and automation systems and also install enough of a basic system to be able to demonstrate what the home was capable of.

Key elements

  • Savant Pro control system
  • Pre-wire whole house for AV, security, lighting control, climate control and automation
  • Multi-room music system with invisible ‘plaster over’ speakers
  • Audio and Video distribution to eight TVs
  • Media Room that converts to Home Cinema
  • 20-zone climate control
  • Intercom and access control
  • CCTV and intruder alarm

The developer brought in our expertise from the outset of the project. This enabled us to design and install a cable infrastructure suitable for any audio, video, security, climate control and lighting technology that prospective owners might desire—now or in the future.

To create real impact, Cyberhomes installed three surround sound zones throughout the home: one in the cinema room, another poolside and a third in the master bedroom.

"The house is targeted at the top of the market. We needed to show that it’s an extraordinary home, with the potential to accommodate whatever smart technology its owners might want. That’s what Cyberhomes was able to deliver."

Property Developer | Barnes, UK

The Services Provided...

Home Cinema

The cinema room features a large Panasonic TV for everyday viewing, but can be instantly transformed.

At the tap of a button, estate agents can show prospective buyers how easy it is to settle down for a big movie or sporting event. A 3 m-wide motorised, acoustically transparent screen descends, the lights dim, the projector comes to life, and the ideal AV settings are switched on. For demonstration purposes, the cinema is connected to a single AV source—Apple TV—but a large AV rack provides scope for plenty more.

Luxury Property Development - Barnes Details Image 1

Audio & Video

The sub-basement pool area is set up to screen video content and movies too; when a rear projector is switched on, a section of the glass wall separating off the gym turns opaque to become the screen.

The area also doubles as a spacious party room, with a hydraulic marble dancefloor ascending through the 42.5ft pool when required. The master bedroom also has its own motorised big screen, and all the cabling needed for owners to easily install a projector and surround sound system. The TVs in the other six bedrooms are also wired ready for the new owners’ choice of video distribution system.

Cyberhomes has installed hidden speakers in every room of the house—including bathrooms, hallways and corridors—so that music can be played throughout the home. The rooms are grouped into four audio zones for demonstration purposes, but the cabling will allow the homeowners to play different music in every room.

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Climate Control

For perfect, energy-efficient climate control, we’ve installed 20 underfloor heating and 16 air conditioning zones.

The homeowner can simply select the required temperature for any given room, and the system will work out the most energy-efficient way to achieve it.

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CCTV & Security

As for security, Cyberhomes installed four CCTV cameras, along with the infrastructure for up to twelve more.

A video intercom allows owners to converse with visitors at the gates on any smart device—even when not at home. The electric gates can be remotely opened, to let cars approach the car lift that takes them to the underground garage.

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Home Automation

Fully integrated control. The simple, intuitive control system is another impressive feature of the home’s smart technology.

Cyberhomes recommended Savant, which operates all the AV, lighting, climate and security systems, all from one app. Each room is easily identified and selected within the app, using photos of the actual space. And with a single tap of a touchscreen, the right AV, lighting and climate control settings can be turned on instantly.

For sales purposes, we installed a basic configuration of the Savant Pro app, which we pre-programmed with various ‘showing’ settings for different times of day. This allows estate agents to easily demonstrate the home’s smart capabilities, without costing the developer a fortune.

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Products Used

  • Integrated System Control—Savant Pro app on iOS and Android
  • Lighting Control System—Pre-wired for Lutron
  • In-wall Speakers—Amina 'plaster over'
  • Security/CCTV—Texecom and Lilin
  • Televisions—Samsung and Panasonic
  • Projector—Epson
  • Heating Control—North Commander
  • Amplification—Savant

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