Gamer's Paradise—Hertfordshire

A home cinema room isn’t just great for movies...

A dedicated home cinema room isn’t just great for movies and major sporting events; it’s also ideal for the immersive gaming experience as this project demonstrates.

Key elements

  • Acoustic treatment of the room
  • Dolby Atmos 7.2.4 immersive 3D surround sound
  • 4K Ultra HD projector
  • 3.3m screen with motorised masking for different aspect ratios
  • Local connection point for gaming consoles
  • 4K Ultra HD media sources
  • Lutron lighting control

Our client wanted a space where he could enjoy the ultimate gaming experience—and where friends and family could gather for the thrill of a big film night. We transformed his TV room into a plush home cinema, with high-performance audio-visual and surround sound technology—all linked to his video game console.

"Cyberhomes delivered more than I could have imagined. My old TV room is now a gaming heaven—with astonishing sound and visuals that make playing video games an incredibly exciting experience."

Homeowner | Hertfordshire, UK




Hertfordshire, UK


A dedicated home cinema room that isn’t just great for movies and major sporting events; it’s also an immersive gaming experience.


Case Study

Download PDF of Cyberhomes 'Hertfordshire gamers paradise' home cinema and gaming room case study Download this Gaming Room case study

The Services Provided...

Audio & Video

Acoustic perfection. To maximise the output quality of the Dolby® Atmos® 7.2.4 surround sound system, the room needed major acoustic treatment.

We built a wooden frame around the room, fitting acoustic panels to absorb and diffuse noise for beautifully balanced acoustics. We triple-layered the ceiling with plasterboard, to minimise sound transfer up to the room above.

Finally, we applied suede-effect, acoustically transparent fabric to the walls and ceiling. This hides the speakers and acoustic treatment, and adds a theatrical flourish to create a stunning home cinema.

Gamer's Paradise—Hertfordshire Details Image 1

Home Cinema

4K Visuals. Stunning picture quality is achieved on a 3.3 metre fixed screen with motorised side-masking, which automatically changes the aspect ratio between 16:9 and 2.35:1.

This ensures optimal viewing for gaming, cinema and TV. We fitted a fixed Sony projector with 4K Ultra HD resolution, which was calibrated to Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) specifications. With four times more pixels than standard HD, the projector offers astounding picture quality, producing truly immersive gaming and viewing experiences whatever the source.

Along with the various 4K capable AV sources, we created a recess under the screen, where the homeowner can plug in whichever games console he prefers.

Gamer's Paradise—Hertfordshire Details Image 2

Products Used

  • Automation and Control—Control4
  • Screen—Screen Research
  • Projector—Sony VW520ES 4K
  • Speakers—Triad Bronze
  • Amplification—Integra and Triad
  • Lighting Control System—Lutron Homeworks
  • Automated blinds—Lutron Sivoia

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