Luxury Family Home—Hampstead

A true luxury family home in Hampstead, London

Having worked with the property developer on a number of previous projects, Cyberhomes were pleased to be given the opportunity to provide the integration of the AV, lighting, heating and security systems for his own home.

The result was a stunning demonstration of the very best in smart home technology and won the ITSA 2015 award for ‘Best Whole House Integration’.

Key elements

  • Savant Pro control system
  • Multi-room music system
  • Audio and Video distribution to eight TVs
  • Home Cinema Room
  • Integrated climate control
  • Hardwired and wireless networks
  • Lutron lighting control
  • Intercom and access control
  • CCTV and intruder alarm

The client's initial idea

The client knew he wanted a multi-room audio-visual experience for his five-storey home. But when we demonstrated the possibilities of a single point of control for all smart technology in the property, he was inspired to go further.

Cyberhomes integrated audio-visual, heating, lighting and security controls into a Savant Pro home automation system. Even the flow of the poolside waterfalls can be controlled though the Savant Pro app on an iPad or smartphone.

"Having worked with Cyberhomes on several upmarket property development projects, I knew they could deliver the type of smart capabilities I wanted for my own home—and they didn’t disappoint. I like being able to take my iPhone out of my pocket to turn on the TV without looking for a series of remote controls. I like being able to turn the ensuite TV on as I’m heading upstairs. I like being lazy when my kids want to see something in the cinema room—I can set it up without having to move.

"And, of course, I love that I can turn all the lights out at night with a touch of just one button."

Developer | Hampstead, UK

ITSA Best Whole House Integration Award Winner 2015 Image

ITSA Best Whole House Integration Award Winner 2015

Cyberhomes won the 2015 ITSA Award for the 'Best Whole House Integration' for our Hampstead Luxury Family Home project. The judges commented, "The results of Cyberhomes’ work speak for themselves—a tour de force of custom install in every room they reached, creating a smart house that ticks all the boxes of advanced 21st century living and ups the home automation ante. Smart, sexy and bang on the brief despite being brought in rather late into the development, the client couldn’t have asked for more from this team of innovative installers. A truly deserving winner in what was out toughest category to judge, this is what Custom Install is all about!"

The Services Provided...

Lighting Control

Cyberhomes’ lighting designer created sensational smart lighting for the home—inside and out.

We installed a Lutron lighting control system, with 36 custom-engraved wall plates. By integrating this into the Savant Pro control system, the family can switch on or off (or dim) any light in the house or garden, with just one touch of a screen.

Lights turn on automatically whenever somebody enters a bathroom. Atmospheric lighting is triggered as people pass through certain areas of the house. And when it’s time for bed, a tap of the app creates soft, gentle lighting in the corridors and stairwells to guide the family to their rooms. Outdoor lighting is tuned to an astronomic schedule, switching on as dusk approaches, and off again in the early hours when everyone is likely to be in bed.

 Luxury Family Home—Hampstead Details Image 1

Home Cinema

The biggest, comfiest sofa sits invitingly in the middle of the family’s dedicated home cinema.

But locating the cinema off to the side of a large, open-plan basement presented some audio-visual and lighting challenges. Cyberhomes’ experts overcame these issues to create the ultimate home cinema experience for the whole family to enjoy. External light is blocked out with a heavyweight blackout curtain. 

Crystal-clear visuals are achieved through a high-brightness Runco projector, with a long-throw lens. And cinematic sound is generated through the intelligent configuration of a multi-speaker system: two B&W speakers are positioned in the ceiling for surround effects, and three in the wall behind the acoustically transparent, 150” projection screen.

 Luxury Family Home—Hampstead Details Image 2

CCTV & Security

Through the Savant Pro app, anyone in the family can control the home’s smart technology via an iPad or smartphone.

To make life even easier, Cyberhomes installed wall-mounted iPad minis on each floor. These are easily removed from their magnetic docks, which also serve as wireless chargers. The family can also use the iPads to check home security footage. Cyberhomes installed eight IC Realtime CCTV cameras to cover every part of the property’s exterior.

The system even allows the family to monitor the property remotely from their smartphones while away.

 Luxury Family Home—Hampstead Details Image 3

Products Used

  • Multi-Room Audio—Autonomic and Savant
  • Integrated System Control—Savant Pro app on iOS and Android
  • Lighting Control System—Lutron with 36 custom-engraved switch plates
  • In-ceiling/In-wall Speakers—B&W;
  • Security/CCTV—Texecom and IC Realtime
  • Televisions—Samsung and Aquavision
  • Projector—Runco
  • Heating Control—Heatmiser
  • Amplification—Rotel and Savant

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